Losing a baby toothHas your Child lost a baby tooth or are they about to lose one. Losing a baby tooth is completely normal and happens as your child grows up. It can still be a little bit scary as a parent, and for the child, especially if this is your first child. The whole process can be made easier by parents having the right mindset. You want to make sure that you tell your child that this is a part of being a “Big Kid”! Focus on what an achievement it is to lose a baby tooth instead of talking about how it might hurt.

The process Maters!

How you go about the process is just as important as having a good mindset. Try to stay away from chasing your kids down with pliers or telling them “I just want to feel if it!” and then pulling the tooth. The best thing to do is encourage them to gently wiggle the tooth on their own with their tongue, a clean finger or something else. Try to let them lead the process and then intervene if they ask for your help in pulling the tooth.

Incentives are never a bad thing and will usually help encourage the child to brave the minor pain of losing a tooth. Each kid may need a different incentive based on their personality. If a baby tooth isn’t wanting to come out and the permanent tooth is coming in behind it feel free to schedule a time for us to take a look. Sometimes we need to take the tooth out in the office to make room for the permanent tooth to come into place. We are always glad to help in anyway needed.