Comprehensive Dental Screening

During your first dental visit, and at least every 6 months, the American Dental Association recommends a thorough dental examination. This provides the dentist with an opportunity to detect or diagnose the dental diseases that could be harming you. Here are the steps we take to screen each of our patients for dental diseases:

Dental Checkups

Digital X-rays/ Intra-Oral Photos

Laser Light Decay Detection

Periodontal Measurements

Oral Cancer Screening

Preventive Dental Procedures

According to your risk for certain dental diseases or problems, or if an active problem is identified, we may recommend the following preventive treatments and procedures:

Routine Dental Cleanings and Periodontal Cleanings

Bite Protection

Nutritional Guidance and Support

Fluoride Treatments (In-office and prescription)

Dental Sealants

Our team is here to help. We offer comprehensive dental screenings, clinically proven preventive treatments, and a wealth of experience to help our patients in the fight against dental disease.
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